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Hello all – I’ve noticed some new traffic as of recently, and am curious where you have all come from? It appears Facebook, but the way Facebook bounces links I am unable to determine which topic of discussion referred you. I’d like to see what’s being said so if necessary I can educate people on what really happened. Thanks for your time with responding and reading my story, I appreciate it!

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  1. Via The Dodo, “What to do if your dog eats pot”. Glad Loki is ok and non the worse for his trip

  2. The Dodo here, too.

    I’ve read very little on pets eating cannabis, but induced vomiting and/or IV fluids are the two recommendations I’ve found so far. Inducing vomiting in a dog is easier than you’d think: open doggy mouth; pour in hydrogen peroxide; repeat twice for a total of three times. Look all this up online for peace of mind. Happy t[r]ails 🙂

    1. That is very UNSAFE! Even at the vet, we do not simply pour hydrogen peroxide down a dogs throat to make it throw up.. We use an emetic medication that helps empty their stomachs, then we need to observe them carefully for at least 20 minutes after they’ve finished throwing up so they don’t lie down and choke on their own vomit.

      Loki is fine, end of story..

      BUT If your dog consumes marijuana or any edibles, we always advise owners to bring their dog in right away so we can start the treatment process. This is not something you can try and cheat by doing it at home. Your dog could end up with more health problems than when you started ..

  3. The anti-media page recently posted your video. That’s how I come across this.

    I have a husky of my own (Dante) who is very inquisitive aswell and has to learn about every new thing that comes onto his property.

    Glad to see Loki is doing well ✌️

  4. I saw it on Facebook. I’m glad you posted the blog to go with, as long as intelligent people link to it to get the full story instead of calling you stupid or retarded (as one stated on your YouTube video.

    Glad Loki is ok. We have a few dogs that like to get into things too. Most of the time you have to do exactly what you did.

  5. I’m glad loki is alright, I came from a post about dogs accidentally ingesting marijuana. The cotton mouth must have been the worst part haha poor loki.

  6. Hi I’m just dealing with this issue with my dog. She had pups a month ago and recently started weaning. She was in my room unattended and ate a bag of cannicandy.
    She doesn’t get into things and I really can’t figure out why she did this. At any rate I won’t be leaving her out and unattended or my edibles down ever again.
    I never want to see her like this again and I haven’t left her side.
    The pups are already eating soft food so I guess their weaning process will be sped up.
    I thank you for the reassurance that she will be ok. She’s still around 50lbs. She’s just so lethargic but does respond well to loud sounds. She can’t sit up or walk.
    This a really terrifying experience and like you said completely avoidable.
    Put up the pot.
    I’m in London Ontario and I found a link to this site on the thedodo.com
    The page was titled what to do if your dog eats pot but didn’t say whst to do other than take them to the vet.
    Honestly I don’t have enough money to take her in.

  7. Hi Jesse — I’m a reporter at the Washington Post and would like to talk to you about this for an article on marijuana and pets. Can you please email me? Thanks!

  8. Happy to see he is okay. my first cat did the same 40 years ago from eating my dryed weed from my moms garden lol ( she didnt know)
    got this site from dodo`s and it called back some memory :)))

  9. Hi my dog just ate two weed sour candies with 10 milligrams each of THC. It’s scary cause we love her so much. But your blog has given me hope and piece of mind. So thank you so much for that. Just gonna let her sleep it off, and sleep near her in case she needs to puke. Thanks again.

  10. Hi, I got the link to your blog from the Dodo via Facebook!
    Glad he’s okay! What a cheeky Husky he is! Haha!

    And hello from York UK!! 😀

  11. I’ve been trying to find out if anyone else has a Husky that not just kills but eats birds all the friggin time!?!? Mostly to see if that can be a health issue. So I searched that on youtube and came across your Vid. Damn, Bro! That Vid definitely had me kinda scared. Good to see he’s back to being a normal crazy Husky. Husky Dude looked like my Brother after taking way too much shrooms. If that ever happens again, I’d recommend serenading him with some nice relaxing accoustic guitar melodies maybe with some hot husky bitches howling softly as you play, along with everything you did, might just make his (bad?) trip a little more bearable.
    But yeah, should I be concerned that my Husky has been consistently killing and eating birds since she was around 3 months old? She a complete sweetheart otherwise.

    1. My husky has got ahold of the following that I know of:

      Mouse x2
      Baby skunk (he gets skunked 2x a year or so)
      Big bird (not THE big bird, but a pigeon or dove)

      With the big bird he didn’t want to put it down. My wife was home sick that day and was horrified she had to deal with it. She let me know by way of pictures.

      As far as it being good or bad, I’d suggest talking to a vet. Dogs have better digestive systems than humans and some people feed them on raw diets.

      Now, I wouldn’t expect this to cover them eating a diseased animal. That probably would be bad regardless.

  12. I know the feeling and fear if your dog eats something bad.
    My dog ate human poo outside and fell unconsious within 15 minutes. Rushed to vet and the poo he hade eaten contained heroin.
    My dog was more or less dead for 3 days but recovered allthough there is no antidote for heroin.
    The result was a chronic liver failure, his liver only workes for about 18-20 % since then . I am glad he’s alive.

    One thing I must say to you as a dog owner though….

    How the hell could you go to work for 9 hours and leave your dog at home ????? That is not okey. In our country we have strict laws and regulations as dog and animal owners. Dogs should not be left alone at home more than maximum 6 hours. And then that law is for healthy dogs !! So how you could leave your dog unattanded for 9 hours is horrible.

    You should be very very lucky that you dog is alive.
    But if I were you, I would go to vet and check his liver and kidneys.

    1. How could you let your dog eat heroin poop? Why would you be in a place that potentially has people doing heroin in the first place? Seems to me you have 4 fingers pointing back at yourself. Marijuana is a medicinal herb, not a manmade drug.

  13. Hi we need some advice, I know you’re notan expert but some advice is never bad.

    We made a batch of pot brownies, it was made with around 5 grams, and she ate two of the 10 pieces. The Chocolate shouldnt be a problem since it was only around 100 grams MAX and she weighs around 40 pounds, research says it should only at worse give some vomits and diarreah.

    We’re a little more worried about the weed, how much did your puppy weigh? Also, were the 4 grams all in the single piece of edible? Because our girl coudln’t have picked up 1 gram since it was all spread on 10 pieces.

    Thanks for the help bro.

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Sorry for late response here. I suspect by now you have realized your pup is fine.

      In response to your question – my pooch weighed maybe 35 pounds at the time of incident, and ingested the entire thing. It was 4 grams in the treat to my knowledge, and he ate it all.

      Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll have to see how I missed the alert for your question. Again, I apologize.

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