Loki at the dog park, 7/4

A few photos of Loki from this past weekend. As you can see, he is back to normal, despite some people claiming “he will never be the same again”. Happy Independence Day all!


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  1. Wow. It really effected him, of course he would be ok, but you must have veeb worried. My dog 110lb Dogo got into the garbage which had 3 pounds of butter enriched herb, left over from someone making butter. I found him in the morning the same kind of way. Rushed him to the vet, had to wait 2 hours. Once about an hour went by he was coming around. And was great again in 12 hours. Anf i never lut 2 and 2 togethwr until about a week later. We have all seen people “green out” and that was likely what the dog’s were feeling. But hey, on the bright side, eating it, prevents and sometimes cures some cancer as well as other conditions. So it’s a good thing for every mamal, but in alot smaller doses. Thanks for the story!

  2. How irresponsible are u … That’s abuse u should be prosicuted to the full extent of the law the animal is like a child n u failed to keep it safe … How disgusting

  3. It’s sad that it happened but I think you handled it perfectly and you are a very good dog owner to worry so much about him .

  4. I am glad Loki is doing a lot better. He seems so happy playing outside!

    You’ve must of been so scared that night!

    But I am glad that you keep a cool head even when others just keep poking at you. Give loki a pets for me!

    1. Me too! He’s a good dog otherwise. I do still catch him on camera jumping on counters occasionally looking for prizes though.. so he hasn’t learned his lesson.

  5. Thanks for this story about your dog. A very similar situation happened to me last night, and it’s good to know that my dog, who is a 23 lb Shiba Inu, will be normal again by tomorrow. A co worker gave me a special brownie, and while I didn’t have any intention of eating it, put it in my backpack and completely forgot it was there. I went out for about half an hr and found the tin foil shredded in the bedroom. At first I thought my German Shepherd ate it, and kept waiting for her to show symptoms, but after about 20 mins, it was apparent that my Shiba was the culprit. She peed herself multiple times, could not walk, had serious cotton mouth, wobbling all over the place, but ultimately, I knew there really wasn’t anything I could do except keep an eye on her and keep petting her. Unfortunately, since today is Thanksgiving, we had to go over to family’s house so I’m unable to monitor her, but she seemed to be coming down earlier today. Glad Loki is alright, and FOR SURE I’ll be extremely careful to avoid this ever happening again. She seemed so confused and out of it, but I know she’ll be back to normal soon. Take care!

  6. I have a malamute. Until you own one you don’t really understand. Yes they are mischievous. I can so totally see mine doing the same thing.

    1. I will always have a dog — it’s why I bought my house with over an acre lot! For them to run and play in.

  7. My Staffy got into my stash last night and I came across your story while researching the potential health issues that may be of concern and not only did I enjoy it but found it reassured my rather upset wife and that was a mission itself! Rex my dog is fine but now my wife knows about my stash!

    1. Haha, keep it in an air-tight jar. Unless the pooch knocks it down and breaks it open you should be fine. But if that’s the case, it might be time to have an intervention!

  8. A couple things. One next time talk with a veterinarian, not a vet tech. Two don’t try and force the tongue back in the mouth because they may choke on it or it may cause an airway obstruction especially if they lose their gag reflex (which is common). Also if they lose their gag reflex they cannot swallow and therefore forcing water in some patients may lead to aspiration and death. Wetting the tongue was fine. Also consider this when contemplating whether to induce vomiting because if they do not have a gag reflex, this may also lead to their death.
    Thirdly pay attention to exactly what they ate because if it is an edible there are other ingredients that may have additive elements and/ or be toxic themselves (i.e. The girl who posted about the brownie… If bakers chocolate was used this is also toxic). Always consult a veterinarian even if you don’t want to take your pet in because EVERY case is different.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I was never considering forcing the dog to vomit… some people on youtube and other forums suggested giving the dog hydrogen peroxide. No thanks!

    2. Next time? I am thinking this young man is going to go to great lengths to ensure there is no “next time”.

  9. A few months ago, my small (now 4lb) chihuahua mix had the same incident. I am a HUGE animal lover and have another dog as well, he’s 4 so he doesn’t get into a lot of things like the puppy does right now. She first started running around like crazy, back and forth, in circles, just going crazy. She then wore herself out and fell asleep in my lap. When she woke up, she was shaking side to side real stiff like, couldn’t stand up or walk. I would catch her laying in her own pee a few times. I wasn’t sure what was going on but when she didn’t have any signs of getting better, I rushed her to the animal hospital thinking she was having seizures. Got there, the first thing the vet asks me “is there anyway she could’ve gotten into some pot.” I had no idea how to respond other than yeah, I guess. $320 dollars and 8 hours lost of sleep, she was back to herself the next morning. BUT NOW… i’m assuming it has happened again. She just recently got spayed so I have been keeping her in my bedroom on the bed. But today, after sweeping the entire living and kitchen area, I decided to let her roam around while I made dinner. Her and my other dog were being extremely loud and fighting over a bone, so I brought them both back in my bedroom while I finished dinner. When I came in to check on them, I instantly knew what had happened because of the way she was acting. I just took her outside about 20 minutes ago, and she ran fine following me. I’ve been using a syringe and giving her water and pediatlyte ever so often to keep her hydrated. I don’t know what else to do. As a broke college kid, I barely have enough money for rent right now, much less another $320 vet bill…. So reading your story lifted a few pounds off my shoulder to say the least since you did not take Loki to the vet and just kept him hydrated. I’m a super emotional person when it comes to my dogs so I freak out over the smallest things. But your story put me at ease so thanks for sharing and sorry for my super long comment. (: Glad Loki is okay!

    1. Thanks for your post Nicole! Not to try to worry you but my only concern is the size of your pooch. Loki was probably 35ish pounds and ate a treat which was made for someone 200 pounds to split into at least 8 sections. Curious if you know how much your little guy ate?

  10. I’m glad Loki recovered well. Hopefully, this will serve as a cautionary tale for others. I knock

  11. When my husband was growing up. His family had a coonhound, Panda, that got a hold of an inhaler, chewed on it, punctured it, and subsequently inhaled the medicine. My mother-in-law stayed up most of not all night with Panda taking care of him and wondering how she would tell her children the dog had died. Panda lived, but had heart issues and mental issues and I can’t remember what else. Dogs, like toddlers, sometimes just get into things and you just do your best to help. Sometimes vet visits are necessary, sometimes they are for our own peace of mind. I spent $500 on x-rays and consultations for my pet rat because her cheek swelled up and we were worried she broke her jaw. She hadn’t, took some meds for pain/swelling and all was well, so it’s hard to say when a vet visit is actually needed!

    1. Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry definitely! But I’ve yet to hear of a story of a human who has overdosed on marijuana. Yes dogs are different, but they are still very similar to us. They’re our best friends for a reason!

  12. Hey I just came across this! I’m really glad your dog is ok…he’s absolutely beautiful! And dogs do get into things. Don’t be too hard on yourself you were really good to Loki once your worked out what was wrong. I’m really glad he’s ok!

  13. So my dog doesn’t really get into stuff she is not supposed to buy i had a sealed had with roughly a gram in it. Well I was playing with my dog and I kept smelling weed like someone was breaking it up. That’s when I noticed the had on the ground with the lid off of it. Well it turns out the fresh marijuana smell was my dogs breath and I freaked out. After reading this it definitely calmed me down but I learned a very valuable lesson today.

    1. This is also where I saw your story which led me to your post. My hubby made me Banana bread with already vaped weed for the first time yesterday, I have a prescription and use it as medicine but we have a 12 week old Blue Nose and she gets into EVERYTHING. Anyway I got to wondering what would happen if she had some of the Banana bread.

      You know what I see…I see a guy who loves his dog and has a level head. Vets are ALWAYS saying “take your dog to the vet at the first sign of blah blah blah” Get off your high horse and lower your prices so the average person can take their pet to the vet. Geesh most people I know can’t afford $300-$500 if THEY swallowed poison.

      There are just too many stoners who think it’s funny to do this and I think you (Jesse) got caught in the crossfire.

      Just think about if my Pitbull got into pot. I would make the news in 20seconds .

      Ok rant over!
      Thanks for sharing Jesse

    1. Thank you!

      I forgot to grab some string cheeses off my counter on the way out of the house this morning…. Looks like him and Foxie get a treat.

  14. Just saw this today on Facebook via the dodo, its set as a link to educate on what you should do if this situation happens to you. Nothing bad from the dodo, glad your furbaby is doing great!

  15. My dog got into my pot a few years ago, ate about a half a gram then lost interest, had the best night of her life after that I’ve never seen a dog so happy. I was worried at first but she didn’t eat very much comparatively.

  16. Hey I’m glad to Loki is alright. Can you share his new photo or video please? Have you got facebook or instagram account? I want to be sure he is ok. He seemed very bad in the video as if he would not be better again. I am affected the video so much, because I have a siberian husky and I know they are really mischievous.

    1. The video was posted long before I posted the 4th of July photos. He’s definitely is fine and just as mischievous as ever. Yes I have social media, but don’t feel the need to post it here.

      I’ll post some updates with him in the near future. No cell phone pics though, since his fans deserve better. Stay tuned.

    1. Thank you! I felt it necessary since I read so many comments about people saying how horrible a person I was. Had to tell my story to correct some of the false narrative going around.

    1. Yep, it is not laughing matter. But he’s doing great, and is the future best friend of my son. 🙂

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