I was going to take my dog for a walk, but then he got high…

Hello internet,

As a lot of you have likely heard and seen by now, my Siberian Husky Loki got baked out of his mind. To quickly clear the speculation, this was 100% unintentional, but also 100% avoidable. I’ve read comments where people have claimed it was not weed he ingested, and that it was something stronger – that is false.

_20150701_134233What he got into: a hermetically sealed fruity pebble marshmallow treat containing 4 grams of marijuana. Note, hermetically sealed means it is completely air-tight and odorless. Quite simply, Loki is mischievous and likes to get into things when people aren’t watching. In this particular instance, he got into a gift bag exchanged between two friends at a gathering at my house. Note: I do not get high, nor does my roommate. The gift was not from me, nor for me, but it was left unattended. Hence: 100% avoidable — I am quite aware.

As many of you know, marijuana does not hit you immediately when ingested. By the time we noticed anything abnormal about him the gathering was long over and my guests were gone, as was the gift bag. However, the gift bag was a little lighter.

Having quieted down, my roommate and I were relaxing and watching TV in the living room. Loki was laying under an end-table which is one of his favorite places to sleep. We eventually heard him twitching, and making noise. At first I thought it was a rodent behind my couch, but quickly determined it to be Loki. I pulled him out from under it, and that is more or less where the video begins.

Now, this is definitely not where the night ended. Some people suggested taking him to a vet to have his stomach pumped, or an IV put in to hydrate him. I didn’t feel either of these things to be necessary since it was marijuana. Nothing more, nothing less. I spoke with multiple vet techs I knew, and even consulted the internet to be sure nothing else would need to be done. Even forcing him to puke, which was suggested by many of you would not get any THC out of his system. However, it might have stopped further digestion of the treat and prevent his trip from lasting longer.

In the video which has now gone viral, you see a bowl of water which I had with me next to him. In a subsequent video (not sure if it is still posted or not) you would see me frequently getting his tongue wet by hand, since he had a major case of cotton-mouth. I was quite worried and even slept in the living room with him that night, since he couldn’t bring himself to my room where he normally sleeps. I woke up every half an hour or so and drizzled water into his mouth so he wouldn’t dehydrate.

The next morning (maybe 8 hours later) he was in the same spot, sprawled out like a rag doll. I carried him out back to help him go to the bathroom if needed. He tried to gain his bearings, and even ran around a little. It was akin to watching a puppy learning to walk for the first time. Slightly funny, but still sad. He even made his way to his normal excretion spot (Husky owners probably know, once they find a spot they like they stick to it). However, he couldn’t maintain his balance long enough to pee. He kept falling back into a sitting position. He eventually came back over to where I was, and laid down. I went in to take a shower before work, and when I came back he was laying in his own urine.

When I got home from work that day 9 or so hours later, he and my other dog Foxie greeted me at the door with wagging tails. Loki still seemed to be in a bit of a daze, but he was standing on his own. He didn’t do is normal barking/howling at me when I showed up, so I could tell he wasn’t 100%. He remained fairly quiet that day, but almost normal. I gave him a bath, brushed him, fed them both. Oddly enough, he had no interest in eating while high.

The next day he was 100% and running around, barking, howling, getting into things, all like normal. I then discovered the evidence, and showed him it. He was not amused. noname